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This project is noteworthy for its innovative approach, representing a significant endeavor we have undertaken.


The design and approval process, spanning precisely one year, seamlessly led to the construction phase, completed within the same timeframe despite its remote location.

In line with the vernacular buildings that inspired its design, Monte da Caliça sits atop a hill, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the entire Serra de Grândola. Diverging from the traditional 'monte,' which serves as a farmer's retreat after a day in the fields, this home operates as an autonomous entity, harnessing the sun's energy for climate control through underfloor heating and cooled ceiling panels, as well as photovoltaic technology for electrical consumption.

Notably, despite featuring a pool and a jacuzzi, the house has already achieved an impressive 70% self-sufficiency in energy production, emphasizing its commitment to sustainable living.

Architectural Design,
Project Management
, Contract Administration and Site Supervision
Year : 2019
Status : Completed
Site : Melides, PT
Photo: F. Nogueira  

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